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Work Books

Life choice workbooks

A range of workbooks to help people consider life choices, responsibility and rights in different aspects of their life.

  • I’m thinking about moving to a new home
  • I’m thinking about what I want to do in the day, evening and weekends
  • I’m thinking about people I like to be with and activities that interest me
  • 7 steps to get a personal budget

Word Searches

  • Fun activities finding words that are linked to specific life choice topics.
  • Can be used to progress learning and build skills and knowledge.
  • Colour coding enables non-readers to achieve success.
  • people tell us they love to do our word searches, especially people who find traditional wordsearches difficult or impossible to do. 

For our full workbook price list or for your free colour coded word search please email

"yes! yes! I did it, I found them all, can I do another?"
"thanks for your book about Personal Budgets, It's all starting make sense now"