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ask a-2-e if you really want to know what your customers and staff have to say....

ask a-2-e if you are a champion for engagement....

ask a-2-e if you want to think outside the box....


"It’s all about making sure you ask the right people the right questions in the right way"

Finding out your customers views, knowledge, needs or wishes can be vital in achieving truly person centred, effective and successful services. Our skill is in unpicking the taken for granted words and phrases and the assumed areas of shared understanding, to create accessible and effective questionnaires that give organisations good qualitative information and evidence and give people the chance to have their say, and see their own contribution has been listened to and acknowledged.

Ever had the feeling you have got something really important to say but you only get a chance to say "satisfied" "not satisfield" "very satisfied"? Did it leave you feeling frustrated and unheard and in fact "not satisfied! The best research includes a qualitative approach.

Do you sometimes have your say and then when you look at the notes from a consultation meeting there is no mention of what you had to say, it's almost as if you weren't there at all?

We don't think that is very satisfying.

We work with forward-thinking organisations who want to give their customers excellent services and want their staff team to be engaged and to enhance services. We help organisations to find out the facts and we help people to say what they want to say.

 We design bespoke questionnaires and facilitate events,  e-mail or phone 07773 424939 to discuss your requirements.