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Personal Space Mat

Devised through training on relationships, our Personal Space Mat is a 2m x 2m colour coded vinyl mat which allows people to clearly see, use and identify their own comfort zones and therefore more easily understand the “rules” of socially accepted distances between people.

By standing, sitting and moving around the mat, a person can practice a range of social situations and relationships and consider their own and other peoples needs regarding personal space.

This is a great tool to work with groups and individuals, and the mat is strong and durable.

The Personal Space Mat kit  includes a mat,  teaching guidance notes and suggested extension activities.

For more information or to buy a Personal Space Mat, e-mail or phone 07773 424939.

We take a general look at how we can improve relationships in our lives

  • The different relationships that people have
  •  How to meet and greet different people in your life
  • How people show how they feel by their words, voice, face and body language
  • What we mean by personal space and some rules about how close we should be to different people
  • What to do if you have a problem in a relationship
"There is a real need for course on boy/girl relationships e.g. how to deal with disappointments. Generally they are adults and are entitled to relationships but don’t know how and when it is appropriate – e.g. to snog in public. Really they have a playground attitude to it – latch onto a person and say they are my boyfriend without knowing how to conduct a relationship. This is a really important topic. They and we are fumbling our way through this on a day to day basis".

Day Service Manager