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Friendship and Dating ....can somebody find me.....?

That well known Queen song is so true, and it's no different for people with learning disabilities, whether you want to find somebody to love or someone to write you a postcard or letter, we want to hear from you. Are you a 1,2,3, or 4 or a bit of everything?

  1. you want to get letters or cards through the post and know you have a pen friend
  2. you want to meet people and know you have a friend you can meet, with our without support
  3. you want to have a boy or girlfriend who is just a friend
  4. you want to  have a full relationship and meet a life partner

We are starting to develop these services and if you are interested in getting involved please email or telephone Julie on 07773 424939

look out for more information about this in our latest news.



"How can I meet someone special?"


"I like getting and sending postcards"


"I love practicing my writing, can I find a pen-friend? someone who will write back to me. It's great when you get a letter just for you."