Advocacy 2 Engagement

Bespoke Organisational Services

If you want to

  • know what's really going on for staff and customers
  • take things to the next level
  • make all staff champions for equality and engagement
  • think outside the box

then a-2-e can help you

If you are

  • sure that your organisation already has excellent communications and services and nothing to learn
  • confident that all of your staff are true champions for engaging customers
  • happy believing some people can't change
  • keeping everything in-house to save costs or to avoid challenge

then you don't need a-2-e

You know that people who are vulnerable need high quality support from people who are champions for equality and engagement. Of course staff need to be qualified, but what is that special ingredient that makes some staff brilliant?

You know that communication needs to be accessible, what evidence do you have that your accessible communication methods are effective? There is evidence that staff over or underestimate how much a person with learning disabiities understands. We can help you to independently audit your accessible communication.

People who receive services know who the best staff are from the customers point of view, what makes some workers stand out? They are often those least well qualified, who just “know” how to do a fantastic job. We can inject an independent perspective to teams looking at quality and engagement.


We can bring together experienced trainers and advocates, service providers, carers and vulnerable people themselves

We help organisations to -

  • Get behind the gloss to the real issues for people, driving up standards, challenging current thinking.
  • Share best practice and challenge current practices, to develop staff and improve provision.
  • Develop a workforce that supports people and shines out as brilliant.

A Range of Services

We provide a range of services including training, learning, consultancy and critical friends.

If you want more information, or something specific that we have not listed here, please contact a-2-e. We will be happy to talk to you about your needs.