Advocacy 2 Engagement

Advocacy and Brokerage

a-2-e can help you to think about how the choices you make might affect your life and the lives of people who are important to you.

You need to know about Personal Budgets - we can help you.

You need to know what a good service looks like, and to get good value for money.

You need to  know how to make sure the services you get stay good, and what you can do if you are not happy with the way things are going.


You will have a-2-e staff with experience of delivering advocacy and training for 15 years, who understand the different models of advocacy.

You will have your own advocate who will work with you and people in your life to make sure you can take action to live your life to the full.Our experience has taught us the importance of balancing rights with the realities of responsibility so that you are fully engaged to your capacity and able to live an enjoyable, safe and fulfilling life.

We use our successful GAPS model of communication and photo library to deliver the best when it comes to accessible communication. Our focus is on understanding, us understanding you and you understanding us.

We offer an initial meeting of 30 minutes free of charge so you can try before you buy.

Advocacy costs start at £45 per session plus travel costs incurred. This payment includes preparation, one meeting and time required to take actions agreed at the advocacy session.


We have undertaken training as brokers and this combined with our advocacy and communication skills makes us very effective brokers, particularly for people with complex needs and those who want to receive innovative and flexible packages of support. We are totally independent although we do like to work in partnership with other organisations. Julie Thorpe is a registered accredited broker with the National Brokerage Network. All of our brokers are also experienced advocates and work to high standards set by a-2-e. We have the CredAbility quality mark.

We need to recover our costs and currently our scale of charges is –

  • First meeting - 30 minutes free of charge
  • Further brokerage work - £20 per hour plus travel costs

Personal Budgets are coming and these should recognise that you know best about the help you need. Using Personal Budgets in a new and imaginative way can transform your life, but it can be scary and we can help you to think outside the box and to take some positive risks to make great plans for the future.

There have been many changes to the way people will get their Personal Budgets and we have written 2 booklets about this.  If you want an electronic copy of any of these free of charge  phone 07773 424939 or email