Advocacy 2 Engagement

Fun Thursdays

Why is this bit blank?

Because we don't know what your idea of fun is.

If you want to spend some of your personal budget on spending time with us then Thursday is our day for getting together and having some fun. If you don't enjoy your time with us, you can have your money back.

We will talk to you about things that you enjoy, and then we will make sure your day with us is a great day and that you will want to come back next Thursday.

We don't provide personal care but people who have their own carer are welcome to bring them along.

"we said he wouldn't stay in the group but we were amazed when he not only stayed but was keen to come back the next day. We have never seen him like that  before"

Residential Home Manager

If you live in a residential home then maybe we can come to you. a-2-e can work with groups of people too, especially where it is difficult for some people to get out and about. to find out more email or telephone 07885 739122